Artificial Intelligence Roadmap (AI-Rmap)
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"An intuitive solution to gather data and presents the idea of AI Ecosystem initiatives for a National Artificial Intelligence Roadmap (AI-Rmap) in a single app!"

Our Edges

Interactive Display

User can retrieve quick information about AI-Rmap and utilize book for interactive experience.

Interactive Interaction

User can interact with AR features embedded in app for immersive experience.

Easy To Navigate

User will experience an easy-to-follow app with clear indicators and a simple of layout for the application guidelines.

UI/UX Design

Designed in a simple and interactive interaction contents with users.

App Development

To introduce the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Innovation Ecosystem framework.

User Friendly interface

A simple and clear layout for a better and clear-cut understanding of use, responsive and able to adapt in various screen sizes.


Details on AI-Rmap Mobile Apps

"AI-Rmap" application introduce the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Innovation Ecosystem Framework leading AI Governance, AI Industry, AI and Data Science Professionals, and AI Socio-Economic Drivers for the purpose of research and development (R&D) and innovation for public awareness in Malaysia.

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Awesome Features

Informative Homepage

Develop with the purpose to deliver interactive information display of AI Ecosystem and its development.

Augmented Reality

Experience in AR features including animation effects, videos and 3D character.

Interactive Contents

Embedded with AR features, interactive contents to explore and interact with AR.

Modern Design

Interactive display of book with floating overlay contents and informative video animation.

Video Pop-Up

A pop-up of video animation content after scanning some page of the book.

3D Character

A 3D character animation with interaction button.


Easy and Simple User Experience

Simple and easy step of instructions to guide users provided in the book and also in the mobile apps after user install the application. User can retreive information, scan, interact with AR features and watch animated and informative videos provided in the application.

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